I’ve been using Outback products since I started with an Outback lightbar and progressed through the S2, S3, eDriveTC, etc. So it was pretty easy to adapt to the Outback REBEL system I just added to a John Deere 8870. The best thing about the Rebel is it combines auto steer with ISOBUS compatibility, which means I only need one monitor in the cab. I’ve already used it to variable rate my fertilizer, since it offers application control, and I’ll connect a camera in the seed hopper to it when I use it with the air seeder.

Ryan Schoening – Rolla, North Dakota, USA

I have two REBEL 7 inch units in Lexion combines that I used this past fall for harvest. I’ve owned and used other auto-guide systems in the past, including Outback units; but I farm so far north that it wasn’t unusual to intermittently lose the signal, especially in the afternoon. I don’t know what Outback did different with the REBEL, but I haven’t lost the signal once and I’ve never yet had to call my dealer. I’m currently in the market for a four-wheel-drive tractor and will definitely be putting a Rebel in it, as well. It’s the most cost-effective system I’ve found and I’m very happy with it at this point.

Emery Beaulieu – Fairview, Alberta, Canada

The Outback REBEL is actually the first auto-steer unit I’ve owned myself, but I’ve used several other units, including a Trimble unit my brother owns. However, this is the easiest to operate of all of them I’ve ever used. Right now, it’s used for guidance on a John Deere 9500 combine, but I already know I can do a lot more with it. I want to set it up in my four-wheel-drive so it will automatically engage the clutches on the air drill.

Derek Shaw – Fairview, Alberta, Canada

I’ve always had Raven up to this point, but when I was looking for another unit, the Outback REBEL was a lot less expensive. Right now I’ve been using it on a 2100 Hagie for auto-steer and boom control and moving it to a John Deere 8630 four-wheel-drive for auto-steer only while using it for planting and side dressing. I’m using RTK on the tractor and WAAS on the sprayer. Where it really shines, though, is when I’m side dressing corn. You can’t ask for anything better, because you can take the lines from where you planted, snap them over an inch or so and run right alongside the row without ever hitting any corn.

George Hedges – Scranton, Iowa, USA

We have the REBEL with a 10-inch screen in a Versatile 550 quad-track articulated tractor that we mainly just used for tillage; and we’ve been nothing but happy with it. I like the fact that it’s more integrated into the tractor and comes on when I turn on the ignition. Plus, the pass-to-pass accuracy has been extremely accurate. We like the simplicity of the system; my father is the main operator of the tractor. We are pleased with the system and would recommend it to anyone.

Danny Brandt – Ada, Minnesota, USA